5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Winter

5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes This Winter

  Getting ready for winter goes beyond stacking up heavy clothing and thick boots, your eyes also need special attention at this time. Eye dis

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Getting ready for winter goes beyond stacking up heavy clothing and thick boots, your eyes also need special attention at this time. Eye diseases, like Pink eye, and other infections get easily transmitted due to the cold and dry air. This also results in constantly dry eyes which can cause damage to your sight. Warmth should not be your only worry this winter, protecting your eyes should also be a priority —and here are five ways to do that efficiently!

Drink water

Seems unrelated? You’ll be surprised to find out it isn’t! Water that is taken into your body functions for all your organs. So, while drinking water to moisturize your skin, take some more to humidify your eyes. By staying hydrated you prevent your eyes from getting dry and being at risk of winter-related eye diseases.

Get an eye massage 

Yes, we know your masseuse stops at your temple on regular massage days. But harsh weather calls for extreme measures, which aren’t really extreme. An eye massage can be done by you, for you, in the comfort of your own home. You can help your eyes stay moisturized by simply applying a warm cloth across your closed eyelids. This helps the oils circulate well around your eyes, and it also relaxes the nerve endings around your eyes –a two-for-one deal!

Drip drop

Getting an eye-drop should be habitual for you, especially during this winter season. Get a professional consultation to get the best fit for your eyes, with the right essential oils and make sure it doesn’t contain anything that could trigger an allergic reaction –we are trying to avoid eye aches, not worsen them. An eye drop serves multiple purposes during winter by protecting your eyes, aiding your sight and making you look swanky in the process of whipping them out and applying in the middle of the day!

Visit the Optometrist 

Schedule a visit with the eye doctor and get a check-up done for possible diagnosis and medical prevention that meets your eyes’ needs this winter. There is no one who knows better for your eyes than the optometrist which makes it an absolute necessity to visit the eye clinic this season. Also, make sure to get the right prescriptions for eye drops, or a change in contact lenses from your optometrist.

Eat nutritious meals

Healthy meals like fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, so while eating right and keeping healthy you can protect your eyes and keep your immune system in the top condition against infringing germs that threaten your health this winter. 

Experience winter better, with eyes that are well protected from its harshness!