5 Cooking Tricks to Steal from Italians

5 Cooking Tricks to Steal from Italians

If you love Italian food, you’ve probably thought at least once about how to cook like an Italian or chef at an Italian restaurant. And to tell you th

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If you love Italian food, you’ve probably thought at least once about how to cook like an Italian or chef at an Italian restaurant. And to tell you the truth, Italian dishes are the simplest to create. All you have to do is follow one of the essential cooking tips from Italians. So, let’s see what the tricks you need to discover today for the best homemade Italian cooking experience are. 

Tip #1: Always shop for qualitative and straightforward ingredients

Italian cooking is all about simplicity. This is why you should concentrate on having in your pantry ingredients such as fresh tomatoes, basil, or olive oil. Also, you should always have at hand a variety of pasta and whole peeled canned tomatoes.  

Tip #2: Don’t heat the olive oil before adding the ingredients

One of the most essential Italian cooking tips from chefs is to mix your oil with the ingredients and cook them together. In this way, you will achieve the authentic flair of such cuisine. Boiling together the ingredients will preserve each ingredient’s aroma, leading to an exquisite dish. 

 Tip #3: Pasta should always be al dente

A common mistake done when cooking an Italian dish is overcooking the pasts. Chefs advise that authentic Italian dishes feature only al dente pasta. So, if you use fresh pasta, you should cook it in the pan for up to 3 minutes. But if you use dried pasta, follow the instructions on the package, which usually indicates you should boil it for around 12 minutes.

 Tip #4: Cooking should always be an exquisite event

Italian cooking is all about enjoying each step of the cooking process. As soon as the food is ready to be served, everyone should mindfully enjoy the dinner. If you want to cook and achieve an original Italian experience, you should also cherish the serving time. For Italians, food is an occasion to connect with family and friends. 

Tip #5: Perfect Risotto requires a lot of butter

If you want to achieve the best Risotto dish, you should take into account the following tip. Toast the rice in melted butter, as it will prevent the rice from becoming too mushy. Also, after toasting, it is recommended to add the legumes slowly, up until you manage to incorporate all the stock. 

Tip #6: Always pack your kitchen with essentials for Italian cooking

A cooking trick to steal from Italians is to use suitable utensils for such dishes. Hence, keep in place an excellent 8-inch chef’s knife, a braising pan, skillets, cheese grater, and a vegetable peeler. 

Cooking like an Italian indeed requires a lot of practice, but If you follow the tips noted above, you will be one step closer. Italian cooking is all about enjoying the best homemade dishes, so next time you feel like having some fast food, quit that thought. Get some fresh ingredients, and start an experiment as a genuine Italian would. You will be amazed about how tasty homemade pizza is, or how delightful it will be to create your own sauce for pasta.