5 Best T-Shirt Design Apps

5 Best T-Shirt Design Apps

In this list we offer the best apps for designing your own shirt. We all want to leave a mark in the world and what better way than wearing or selling

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In this list we offer the best apps for designing your own shirt. We all want to leave a mark in the world and what better way than wearing or selling t-shirts imprinted with your own creative ideas.

Technological advancements make this much easier than before since today there are apps which help our creative minds in realizing our design ideas. These apps have the main purpose of inspiring and guiding individuals through the process of design. In this list we offer the best apps for making a custom t-shirts.

Here are the 5 best t-shirt design apps:

1. Snaptee

This app is usable by both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It offers nearly everything one might need in creating their own t-shirt. It has an enormous amount of features of which some can provide creating designs out of personal photos or artwork. You can even share your personalized t-shirt in public, have them sold online, and printed out to be worn as a uniform for your windows and doors or drain repair company.

2. Adobe Photoshop Touch

One of Adobe’s software suited for mobile use is Photoshop Touch. The majority of people consider it to be the best image app of today. It is an app available both to iOS and Android users and it offers social media sharing for publicity purposes. Even though it doesn’t offer as many tools as the original and complete Photoshop software, Adobe Touch has plenty of creative tools which can inspire and help aspiring artists and designers.


With a catchy and rememberable name, OSHIRT offers various t-shirt templates and design tools. With this app, as with many other ones you can also design hoodies and infant clothing. It is highly recommended for amateurs and is known to have fast and reliable shipping. It also features customized text and fonts as well as the possibility of using your own photos and artworks for creating the t-shirt.

4. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

This app is great for those who prefer old school and manual design creating. With the large amount of drawing tools like freehand styles, canvases and palettes; it is an app that offers raw sketching, drawing and design idea realization. This is an amazing way of creating a truly customized, unique t-shirt design.

5. Fotopeadia Heritate and Art Authority for iPAD

Fotopedia heritage is created with the help of UNESCO to spread awareness of our world’s heritage. It is filled with 30 000 amazing heritage site photographs. With this app you can create a t-shirt imprinted with natural wonders, exotic islands and rare monuments.

The other app that can be used only on iOS is Art Authority. It is filled with an enormously large number of artworks just waiting to be put on your personal t-shirt. This app is also good for museum lovers which don’t have the budget to visit Louvre or MOMA as scrolling through is the same as walking in the most extraordinary museum corridors.