What Features Makes A House Energy-Efficient?

What Features Makes A House Energy-Efficient?

In the process of designing a home, there are several things you ought to consider, from the number of bedrooms to the colour of each interior walls,

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In the process of designing a home, there are several things you ought to consider, from the number of bedrooms to the colour of each interior walls, etc. Saving money is the main aim of most homeowners, so cost is heavily scrutinized during the process of designing a house.

One of the best ways a homeowner can save money is by building a house that is energy efficient. Building an energy-efficient house is all about including certain features that can help reduce energy usage. Below are some features that make a house energy efficient:

1. Windows and Doors

Energy-efficient windows and doors are one of the main features of an energy-efficient house. These doors and windows can keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler during summer, thus reducing your electric bills. Also, with energy-efficient doors and windows, you can control the amount of heat that enters or comes out of your home.

Normal windows and doors are not effective in keeping out heat or cold from the outside, which is why you need to replace them with energy-efficient doors and windows. Energy-efficient doors and windows can trap air, which lessens the load on your central air or heat system.

Consider carrying out a window replacement if you observe that you have a window that isn’t energy efficient. A door with a low energy-performance rating will end up not being energy efficient; thus, when going for a new door, ensure you go or one that has a high energy-performance rating.

2. Cool roofs

Cool roofs are made in such a way that they help reflect sunlight and reduce roof temperature. This type of roof is made from certain reflective material within roofing materials such as tiles, shingles, paints, or other substances. Cool roofs are perfect for houses in warm climates where the cost of air conditioning is always on the high side.

3. Fans

Here lies another feature of an energy-efficient home. Installing fans in strategic locations around your home is a good way to keep your home cool and save you money that you would have spent on air conditioning. Ceiling fans are available in several colours, shapes, and styles to match any home design without looking like a misfit.

4. Insulation

Insulation is an important feature that makes a house energy efficient because it helps maintain the heat in your home. With the right type of insulation, in the right amount, you wouldn’t have to pay for unnecessary heating costs.

5. Energy star appliances

Modern energy star refrigerators, washers, dryers, and other appliance models can considerably reduce energy consumption by up to 50% more than older models.