How do you know when roof needs replacing?

How do you know when roof needs replacing?

If you’re unsure you need a roofer in Hamilton, this article is for you. Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. This means you’ll have

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If you’re unsure you need a roofer in Hamilton, this article is for you. Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility. This means you’ll have to regularly check your roof for problems. Using professional roofing services can offer the help you need. Our experts say that the following signs you need roof replacement are essential, too. Keep reading to discover how to tell when a roof needs replacing!

#1 Age

If you have an old roof, you most likely need to consider roof replacement. All roofs age and come with a specific lifespan. You can increase it by performing regular maintenance and repairs. But if you have an older roof, you must have it examined by a professional. The best way to tell when you need roof replacement is by looking at its age and health.

#2 Missing components

Another way to tell when a roof needs replacing is missing components. If your roof has missing, broken, or torn shingles, it might be the perfect time to consider a replacement. Missing components can lead to leaks and potentially hazardous situations. Remember that if you don’t fix your roof, you risk exposing your property to water damage.

#3 Corrosion

Corroding roof valleys represent another telltale sign your roof needs replacing. This is a natural outcome, as leaves and debris can get trapped on these v-shaped channels. It can prevent water from draining accordingly, making it overflow and drip onto your roof. Roof valleys last up to 20 years and need regular maintenance. If your roof has corroded roof valleys, you should consider getting a roof replacement.

#4 Mold and moss

When you notice persistent mold and moss growth on your roof, it might be an indicator your roof needs replacing. If left unattended, this will saturate the roof and penetrate the sheeting below. It can cause significant roof damage, which is why it must be removed regularly.

#5 Indoor stains

Another sign you need roof replacement is ceiling stains. If these darken after rain, you shouldn’t leave them unattended. It can be an indication of a serious leak and a potentially hazardous situation. It is challenging to identify the actual leak, especially as water doesn’t always leak straight down. Using the services of a roofing contractor can help you identify the problem and determine whether it’s time for roof replacement. 

#6 Visible daylight

If you see daylight through the roofing boards, your roof is damaged. Checking the insulation and roof health are the first steps to take. A roofing contractor can assess the situation and suggest the best course of action. Usually, if light can pass through inside, moisture can too infiltrate. The most likely solution will be roof replacement. 

The bottom line

There are numerous ways to tell when you need a roof replacement. Our experts recommend having regular inspections to prevent serious damage to your roof. And, of course, if you notice serious damage to your roofing, you should always reach out to a roofer in Hamilton. Roof replacement and repairs must always be performed by an experienced professional.