Level Up Your 40th Birthday: 6 Outing Ideas and Why They Rule

Level Up Your 40th Birthday: 6 Outing Ideas and Why They Rule

Turn 40 into an epic adventure! Skip dinner & drinks - try these fun outings for unforgettable memories.

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Turning 40? High five! You’ve officially unlocked a new level: the decade of refined taste, honed experiences, and (hopefully) the wisdom to ditch the boring birthday routines. Let’s face it, dinner and drinks are great, but they can get a little predictable after, well, forty dinners and drinks. This year, shake things up and wrangle your fellow forty-somethings for an outing that’ll leave you with more stories to tell than that time you (almost) set the kitchen on fire attempting a soufflé. Here are 6 ideas to kick off your next decade with an adventure that goes beyond the expected:

  1. Craft Brewery Tour and Tasting: Beer, Brews, and Bonding: Who needs a stuffy Napa Valley vineyard when you can explore the vibrant local craft beer scene? Hit up a few breweries for tours, tastings, and maybe even a chance to mingle with the brewers themselves. It’s a fantastic way to discover hidden gems in your own backyard, support local businesses with a passion for their craft, and ditch the pretension that can sometimes come with wine tastings. Plus, let’s be honest, a good IPA is way more fun to raise a glass to than a glass of something that requires swirling and sniffing.

  2. Axe Throwing Night: Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack (Safely): Feeling a little pent-up after years of adulting? Channel your inner warrior (or relieve some serious work stress) with a night of axe throwing. It’s surprisingly therapeutic, and there’s nothing quite like the primal satisfaction of sticking that axe in the bullseye (or at least somewhere on the board). Just be sure to listen closely to the safety instructions – nobody wants a birthday trip to the ER to become their most memorable story of the decade.

  3. Board Game Bonanza at a Cafe: Relive Your Childhood (with Better Snacks): Remember all those board games collecting dust on your shelf? Dig them out and head to a board game cafe. Many cafes offer a vast selection of games, from nostalgic classics to the latest strategic mind-benders. Pair that with delicious snacks and drinks, and you’ve got the perfect atmosphere for a friendly (or maybe not-so-friendly) competition with your crew. Plus, cafes often have comfy seating and a lively buzz, making it a more inviting space than your living room floor.

  4. Cooking Class with a Twist: Master New Skills, Devour Delicious Results: Level up your kitchen skills and ditch the takeout menus with a cooking class that goes beyond the basics. Think exotic cuisine, a focus on specific culinary techniques like knife skills or pasta-making, or even a competitive throwdown where teams create dishes based on surprise ingredients. Learning something new is always a rewarding experience, and in this case, you get to enjoy the delicious results of your teamwork afterward!

  5. Escape Room Challenge: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work (or Escape): Put your teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving prowess to the test with an escape room challenge. With a variety of themes to choose from, from pirate ships to haunted mansions, you can pick an adventure that appeals to everyone in your group. It’s a fantastic way to bond with friends, unleash your inner detective, and boast about your escape time for weeks to come (or commiserate about those pesky puzzles if you get stumped).

  6. Indoor Golf Simulator: Channel Your Inner Pro (or Hack): Who says golf is just for old guys in plaid pants? An indoor golf simulator can offer a fun and accessible way to experience the game, without the sunburn, the pressure of keeping up with a slow foursome, or the hefty membership fees of a fancy country club. Grab your friends, whack some virtual balls around Pebble Beach (or any other iconic course you choose), and enjoy the climate-controlled comfort while you’re at it. Plus, most simulators offer food and beverage service, so you can refuel your swings without missing a beat.

Remember, your 40th birthday is a milestone worth celebrating! So ditch the predictable and embrace an outing that reflects your (hopefully) adventurous spirit. After all, 40 is the new 20, but hopefully with better taste in music (and birthday activities). Now get out there, make some memories, and create a story that goes beyond “another year older, another year wiser.” Because let’s be honest, at 40, you’re probably both wiser and a little bit wilder than you were at 20. Embrace it all!