Google Map vs. Apple Map: Which is Better?

Google Map vs. Apple Map: Which is Better?

In the world of maps, up until now Google was the leading cartographer. There was an attempt by Apple to steal the throne, but unfortunately it was a

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In the world of maps, up until now Google was the leading cartographer. There was an attempt by Apple to steal the throne, but unfortunately it was a big failure. In 2012, Apple decided to develop their own Apple map platform, but it was filled with flaws so much that the CEO had to send a few letters of apology. Beginnings can be tough, but Apple didn’t give up and they launched a new, better version of the platform. We all have our preferences and will easily pick sides on this question, but really, which one is better? Apple or Google Maps.

Google Maps Pros

At this moment, Google Maps is the leading platform for offering mapping services. Google Maps provides information about geographical sites and regions to help us find places and get directions to places. For example, if you’re looking for duct cleaning, windows and doors replacement, basement waterproofing services, use the search box in the top-left corner, then choose a specific location for your destination.

It isn’t by coincidence though, we should have in mind the amount of energy and money spent by Google to achieve this. Google spent millions of dollars so they can add street view to the application and provide us with 360-degree views or a 1stperson perspective of the surrounding areas.

Google also made some technological innovations by adding detailed 3D major tourist attractions, giving the user ability to add stops in their trip, giving precautions of traffic jams, adding Voice control utilization for guidance and weather conditions for the destinations.

Also, they didn’t stop there, they are continuously working on implementing more improvements as adding road hazards and speed traps, which is one of their next projects.

Google Maps Cons

If you want faster battery drainage then Google Maps is definitely for you. Downloading maps is possible, but try to do this while on Wi-Fi because the size of the maps is more than hundred MB.

Some Apple pros can be Google’s cons and vice versa. Google doesn’t integrate well with other iOS devices. It doesn’t function that properly when used on iPhone or similar. Also, Google Maps’ interface lacks in simplicity. It is more complicated to learn and get your way around the map.

We might be scratching the surface of a weird conspiracy theory but when it comes to privacy, Google isn’t that reliable. It may be a user-friendly feature but the information gathered by Google Maps about our movement and location can be used by others if they want to.

Apple Maps Pros

Apple is known for its simplicity. Apple Maps is more appealing as it has fewer distracting icons, enabling the user to quickly find his/hers route just by typing a name in the search bar. They have the similar features as Google like tourist attractions and traffic jams, but they added their own innovation by providing small indoor maps for the big places like malls and airports.

Their best innovation is the “flyover” mode which provides the user with unique views of certain destinations. It is the same as Google 360 degree view, but with added flying in the mix. Apple Maps is also highly rated when it comes to integration with other iOS devices as Apple Watch and Siri.

They had a rough beginning and maybe still be behind Google, but they are working on more improvements which may make them the top Map App in the world. They too are now investing in gathering data to make HD 3D street views.

Apple Maps Cons

Despite the efforts, Apple Maps cannot quite avoid their tiny mistakes. Providing limiting information about searched destinations and inflexibility are one of them.

As Google, Apple can show road difficulties and traffic jams but the application cannot quickly find a new route so it sticks to the same path while knowing that by going through it reaching the destination is literally impossible.

Apple doesn’t provide offline use, unlike Google which is one of the reasons while it isn’t still leading in the world app map industry. And to put the cherry on top, while using Apple Maps you can still find simple errors like misplacement of monuments and coffee shops.