Why visit your optometrist regularly?

Why visit your optometrist regularly?

Visiting an optometrist ensures safeguarding your eyes and good vision for many more years to come. It is easy to get an optometrist appointment, and

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Visiting an optometrist ensures safeguarding your eyes and good vision for many more years to come. It is easy to get an optometrist appointment, and only on visiting an optometrist, you get insight into your eye’s overall health. An optometrist checks for eye conditions early signs including, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Even perfect eyesight is not a sign of healthy eyes. 

What does an optometrist do during an eye examination?

An optometrist examines your vision comfort and its clarity besides your eye’s health. They use tests to determine if any intervention or corrective lenses are required. Optometrists take several tests that you will need to give a series of responses.

They assess your eye’s ability to focus far and near vision. The eye structure, external and internal, are examined using special instruments and assess your eyes under high magnification. They also check your eyes in 3-D and using special optical filters.

Your optometrist looks for signs that are the side effects of certain medications. They assess the eyeball pressure, color vision, and fields of view. In case the optometrist detects abnormalities they initiate treatment immediately or refer to an opthalmologist. 

Why is eye examinations required regularly?

Eye diseases mostly occur slowly, and sometimes it happens without any symptoms or signs. Regular check-ups enable prompt treatment, making detection easily achievable. A better chance of preventing vision loss or controlling the disease from harming your eyes is possible if you do regular eye examinations.

Regular checks of eyes ensure you enjoy the vision for work, everyday life, and work. You get the best eye care on providing details to your optometrist regarding your lifestyle, hobbies, work, and sporting activities, besides your device and computer usage. 

Benefits of visiting an Optometrist

  • Healthy eyesight. The lifestyle of most people is such that they are almost in front of a device or computer. It may lead to itching or tired eyes, double or blurred vision, dry or watery eyes, headache, back or shoulder pain, light sensitivity, and so on. These are digital eye strain symptoms. There are many more strenuous activities posing risk to your eyes. Getting a regular eye checkup with an optometrist helps to spot problems in your eye before it is worse.
  • Visual impairment correction. Eye problems go unnoticed and are irreversible damage to eyesight, causing vision loss. There is now highly advanced equipment to provide corrective treatment.
  • Detect underlying health problems. An eye test reveals health problem signs.  The structure and appearance of your eyes, the pupil’s shape, and the pigmentation in your eyes inform health issues such as diabetes, thyroid, hypertension, high cholesterol, tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, liver disease, and so on.