What Is the Trend In Window Coverings?

What Is the Trend In Window Coverings?

There is no better place to start when you want to transform a space than the window. Window coverings offer privacy, let in the sunlight, and keep ou

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There is no better place to start when you want to transform a space than the window. Window coverings offer privacy, let in the sunlight, and keep out cold air. 

In addition to that, a window dressing will dress up your windows and give your home an elegant, formal look – or add a whimsical or bold design element to it.

There is an extensive list of windows covering options available for homeowners. In addition to enhancing aesthetics, controlling natural light, ensuring privacy, and increasing energy efficiency, these window treatment options have varying degrees of effectiveness. 

Certain window coverings have also become less popular over time, while others have gained popularity or have remained popular. 

Top 5 Trends in Window Coverings

Window coverings are one of the key elements in creating a contemporary feel in your home. 

The following information has been gathered according to consumer trends, industry reports, technology advancements, new government regulations, and especially customer feedback and popular requests.

1. Roman and Roller Shades

They have been popular for quite some time, and they are still among the most popular window coverings today. Simple and clean, they can be matched to any theme or decor. 

Despite being considered traditional window coverings, Roman shades and roller shades are still popular today. Additionally, color options and fabric options have changed over the years, giving you more options when choosing either of these treatment options.

2. Shutters and Blinds

With shutters and blinds, any space in your home will boast elegance and character. As well as offering high levels of flexibility for controlling lighting, ventilation, and privacy, they are easy to operate. 

Wood and faux wood and composite or vinyl are both available in various materials that can resist damage from moisture and withstand other potential damages like staining and warping.

3. Retro Curtains and Decor

Using floral and botanical prints to create a nostalgic look and feel for window coverings is another trend right now. 

Curtains that have prints associated with past decades are observed to improve feelings of happiness and positivity. One of the latest trends in window treatments is this.

4. Incorporating technology

Using technology to simplify and manage curtains, drapes, and other types of window coverings is the latest trend in window coverings. Using a remote or an app installed on your smartphone, you can open and close your window covering using automation and motorization.

When choosing window coverings for your home, consider the options that meet your needs and expectations when you want to incorporate some trends but don’t want to change your treatments twice in a few years due to fading trends. Choosing the type of hardware for your window coverings is a priority.

5. Motorization

It may seem lazy to some, but it’s ingenious to us! Using our motorized products, you can operate your blinds with a touch of a button. You’ll experience more ease, convenience, and sophistication when you use them. 

Victory offers a wide range of automated products such as wall-mounted controls, hand-held controls, and control via your smartphone or tablet.

Summing Up

It’s important to choose your window coverings and treatments based on how they will function and meet your goals for each room, regardless of what’s trending. 

Before choosing a color or fabric, consider factors like your level of privacy, light control, and insulation.

You can add new aesthetic value to your dining room, bedroom, and bathroom with custom drapes or blinds, as well as protect your privacy and keep unwanted sunlight out.