How Can I Impress Potential Home Buyers?

How Can I Impress Potential Home Buyers?

Selling your home is a bit of a numbers game, to attract the perfect buyer you will need to be within the vicinity they are interested in, your home s

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Selling your home is a bit of a numbers game, to attract the perfect buyer you will need to be within the vicinity they are interested in, your home should meet most if not all of their criteria, and it must be priced in their budget. Sometimes this perfect buyer finds your home the day it is listed and other times it takes months for this perfect buyer to come along. You can’t change the neighbourhood your home is located in, you could drop the price, but I’m sure that wouldn’t be your first choice. So, this means a bulk of your efforts should be put towards meeting most of the criteria your potential buyer is looking for or impress buyers to the point that they forget about their criteria. 

Here are 4 key tips to make a good first impression on home buyers:

Curb Appeal

The first impression a potential home buyer gets of your home is from the outside. As they walk up to the door, they should be welcomed by crisp landscaping, vibrant colours from the flowers planted along the pathway, and met by a front door that has character. To achieve this look and feel, make sure your lawn is freshly cut, new flowers are planted and add a little mulch to your flower beds to help with complete that fresh, crisp look. Have a few potted plants by your front door for an added pop of colour and character.

Ensure Your Home Is Clean

A clean fresh smelling home may not be the first thing a potential buyer remembers when looking back at your home. But, if your home was dirty and unkept you can be sure that it will be the first thing they think about. Think about cleaning areas of your home you may not get to very often such as under appliances, and in-ceiling corners. Before any open house or buyer walkthrough, complete the white glove test. Run your finger along the baseboards and over dressers to see if there is any resting dust or dirt. If your finger or white glove is still clean, you are ready. If not, you have some quick cleaning to do.

Organize Your Home

Over the years we accumulate personal items that can be distracting to potential home buyers. Organizing and decluttering your home, will free up space making your home feel roomier and more welcoming. Putting away personal items will help a potential buyer envision themselves and their family in the space versus feeling like they are a guest in someone else’s home. 

Hire a Professional Stager

A professionally staged home is more welcoming and set up in a way to showcase your home. Potential buyers are more likely to visualize themselves living in the home as distractions are removed and the features of the home are highlighted. Your real estate agent will be able to help you find a trusted professional stager, as they have more than likely worked with a few in the past.

Sometimes finding the perfect buyer for your home is based on luck, the chance is that you will find yourself lucky if your home is well prepared to impress potential buyers.