Signs that you are stressed out

Signs that you are stressed out

Stress is a condition that many people will unavoidably find themselves these days due to too much pressure or work. Quite a lot of people are stresse

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Stress is a condition that many people will unavoidably find themselves these days due to too much pressure or work. Quite a lot of people are stressed out and do not realize they are on edge already. However, some signs signal to you that you are stressed up and that you need to take a break to avoid distress or harm your health. So, here are signs that you are stressed out. 

1. Pain

One of the signs of overwhelming stress is pain. Pain results from days of tension in the muscles, head, stomach, or chest. Over time, the pressure will cause migraines, headaches, backaches, pain in the joints, etc. 

When you experience these types of unusual pain, and the pain seems to be prolonged, know that you are already stressed out. Deal with the stress, and you will experience relief. 

2. Increase in Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Another sign that you are under intense stress is a rise in your blood pressure and heart rate. When your system is overwhelmed with stress, your body responds by causing your adrenal glands to release adrenaline and cortisol, which increases the heart rate and blood pressure. 

If you notice that your heart is racing faster than normal, contact your physician for help. Many people have experienced a heart attack due to the failure to note this sign early. 

3. Changes in Mental and Emotional State

Stress can have a psychological and emotional impact on you. While you may experience disruptions in your appetite and digestive system, excessive stress can also manifest through anxiety, anger, restlessness, depression, loss of focus, trouble sleeping, constant worry, memory issues, making wrong decisions, and more. 

4. Exhaustion or Tiredness

Feeling exhausted and unusually lethargic is another sign that you are stressed out. Stress can sap your energy and leave you weak, tired, and exhausted. This is another sign that you are under overwhelming pressure or stress. 

5. Vision Problems

Stress can cause vision problems. High blood pressure can increase the pressure in the eyes, which, if not treated early, can damage the ring blood vessels supplying blood to the eyes. The damage to the eyes’ blood vessels can result in retinopathy (damage to the retina), causing blurred vision or complete loss of sight. 


The effects of stress can be very severe, as stress can cause vision problems. Take note of the signs discussed above to know when you are stressed out. Take a break. Get the help you need and protect your health.