5 reasons to consider condo bathroom renovation

5 reasons to consider condo bathroom renovation

Condo renovation is an exciting way to revamp a small space and get a result that is stunning, special, and, above all else, personal. It doesn’t get

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Condo renovation is an exciting way to revamp a small space and get a result that is stunning, special, and, above all else, personal. It doesn’t get much personal than your bathroom, but when it comes to a condo there is limited space to work with for your desired outcome. But that doesn’t make it impossible. You can carry out a condo bathroom renovation with the right plan and provisions, and we are going to show you how! Ready to revamp your space? Here are five reasons to consider a condo bathroom renovation –and get amazing results! 

1. New theme and style 

With a condo bathroom renovation, you can switch up your style by adding a splash of color to the paint, changing your countertops to something metallic and modern, getting trendy shower curtains, and adding decorative foot mats. The smallest additions and changes can transform your condo bathroom from a regular space to somewhere you feel proud of and comfortable to be in.

2. Tub Options 

There are so many tub size and design variations that you can find something trendy, budget-friendly, and stylish for your condo bathroom. You can get a shower/tub combo with colorfully designed ceramic and automatically up the ante on style in your bathroom. Browse through the available tub options at your local home improvement or plumbing fixtures stores to find something that will fit into your condo bathroom size, bring you comfort, and add a large dash of style. 

3. Better storage 

You can optimize your condo bathroom storage with some renovation. Convert lone-standing sinks to a sink and drawer combo and use it to store extra towels and other toiletries. You can also keep cleaning materials there, depending on the size of the bathroom drawer, and that way, you get better storage space in your bathroom to toy around with more renovation ideas. 

4. Flooring 

Everything from changing the paint to getting new fixtures in your bathroom can be the perfect condo renovation you need, but you can take it one step higher. Replace the old flooring with new designs that are most likely safer, add some decorative rugs, and watch the bathroom transform! 

5. Optimized Lighting 

Unless you are deliberate about it, getting adequate lighting in your bathroom may be almost impossible. However, as part of your renovation plans, you can get new light fixtures to create an ambiance in your bathroom that makes it brighter and feel fresher. Lighting fixtures with bright/dim options are in vogue right now and would be the perfect addition to take your bathroom from calm and relaxing to ready-to-take-on-the-world with a switch. 

The fact that a condo is small doesn’t mean you can’t optimize the space that is available and keep it trendy! Make decisions about your design and plan, get the approval of the board or landlord, and have fun transforming your condo bathroom to something spectacular!